Monthly Archives: May 2012

Project Life – April highlights

April 14, haircut


April 17, autumn leaves

April 19, autumn spicy rice

April 19, dinner with Bec

April 23, morning tea

Project Life – March highlights

March 10, Enlighten festival

March 11, growing strawberries

March14, autumn quote

March 17, skyfire

(This is one of my favourite photos. I finally figured out the best setting for fireworks on my camera and am so happy with the results!)

Project Life – Feb highlights


Feb 4, Zumbo macarons

Feb 10, my one year “workiversary”

Feb 11, multicultural festival fun

Feb23, rare and precious sunshine

Project Life – Jan highlights

Ok, I’ll go back and catch up on PL highlights from the last couple of months, so here’s January:

Jan 4, traditional “jump” photo

Jan 13, macarons!

Jan 24, my flowering hydrangea

Jan 25, Australia Day concert in the capital

Jan 26, lamington bake-off creativity

Project Life

As you may know, I’ve been doing Project Life this year, taking a picture (mostly) and recording what I do/how I’m feeling/what’s going on everyday for a whole year. One of my friends recently suggested that I turn it into a blog, so maybe I’ll upload some of the daily pictures occassionally. I don’t want PL to feel like a chore, so I’m not committing to uploading everything, but maybe I’ll put some up as I go. So here are some May photos.

May 2, breakfast at Farmer’s Daughter

May 4, loving Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

May 6, enjoying the “country lifestyle” at the Colletor village pumpkin festival

May 11, Sydney by night

May 13, brunch at Berkelouw Books