Want list

So I’m saving for my overseas holiday later this year. Which means that I can only window shop, so here are some of the things on my ‘I would like but can’t really justify/don’t need but want’ list. I’m hoping writing it down (with pictures) is the next best thing to having these lovely items!

Rockmelon candle from Circa Homes – smells heavenly

The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe (loved her first book)

Satsuma body butter from the Body Shop

This cute Kelly Purkey stamp (along with every other stamp she makes!)

The Cirque du Soleil ZED soundtrack on iTunes

Issue 4 of The Simple Things (ok, I actually own this but don’t have it right now, so it counts)

So that’s saved me around $100. Not bad. Maybe I’ll try this out more often!!!


One response to “Want list

  1. You just saved enough for a ubber yummy meal on your overseas holiday- well done


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