Bourke St Bakery

Bourke St Bakery Sydney

On a recent sojourn to Sydney, I was told that Bourke St Bakery was a must visit, and who am I to argue when there’s cake involved? In a long held tradition, Dad and I went out to lunch with our chiropractor/old family friend in Neutral Bay, and when I realised this was an option it was decided! The entrance is heralded by a sandwich board and cute bicycle leaned against the wall. This boded well. I was a bit dismayed at the high savoury-to-sweet ratio, but that was foolish – I thoroughly devoured my cauliflour and celeriac soup, served with a chunk of the best seed bread I’ve ever had. Nutritional balance satisfied, it was finally cake time. After much deliberation, I went for the strawberry meringue tart, which was absolutely a winner. If you think the strawberries on top are it, get ready for awesomeness, as underneath the meringue was more strawberry goodness. If #cometocanberra is a thing for restaurants, let’s bombard Bourke St Bakery with it. Please.

Bourke St Bakery: Shop 7/19-25 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay, NSW

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