Elk and Pea

Elk and Pea Canberra

I love that Elk and Pea has picked teal as their colour. The ‘pea’ is all about peacock, the animal and the colour, and it really works. I met friends I haven’t seen since Christmas (oops) at Elk and Pea for brunch – winter in Canberra isn’t a good time to sit outdoors, but Elk and Pea has a lovely covered outdoor area that is well heated to the point where coats aren’t necessary (yay!). I felt like a more traditional breakfast, so went for the avocado/mushroom/eggs option, which was much bigger than I expected! The eggs were perfectly poached, the mushrooms had so much flavour, and the basil and goats cheese worked really well with the whole meal. I couldn’t quite finish all of my bread, which was nicely toasted but a bit hard to cut, but it was nice to eat a big breakfast slowly while catching up with friends. Yes, it is a busy place where you may not be encouraged to linger on a weekend, but the food and atmosphere are worth a trip. Don’t forget to grab a pretty teal business card!

Elk and Pea: 21 Lonsdale St, Braddon ACT                http://www.elkandpea.com.au/

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