Monster Canberra

Monster on any given day is a cool place to be; located in the Hotel Hotel part of the Nishi building in New Action and full of exotic flowers, Monster is the epitome of modern dining in Canberra. But Monster on a rainy day is especially cool – they have these circular panels of glass in the ceiling over the seats where you can see the water-drenched ferns and rain coming down while you stay cozy at your diamond-shaped table inside.  My friend and I were drawn in by the unusual menu – yabby jaffles, you said? – and so we ventured out in the rain to try these treats.  The jaffles didn’t have chunks of yabby in them as I’d imagined, but they did have a rich creaminess from creme anglaise and chives.  The pork neck bao was surprisingly filling and enlivened by the cucumber kimchi served on top.  But the dish of the day was without a doubt the cured kingfish, served with smoked avocado, pickles and jalapenos.  Incredible flavour and texture, with a real kick from the chilli.  A good place to hole up for a classy feed, rain or shine.

Monster, at Hotel Hotel, NewActon Nishi, 25 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra

Monster Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon


4 responses to “Monster

  1. Michelle Barron

    And can I say that Monster serves the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted. They use real chocolate, none of the cheap powder stuff.


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