Spring St Grocer

Spring St Grocer Melbourne

I tend to need snacks to keep my energy levels up, and mid-afternoon is peak snack-time. In Melbourne, I was pretty spoilt for choice, and wandering down Spring Street, my friend and I came across this providore/corner store complete with gorgeous flowers for sale out the front, it’s own cheese room and a cornucopia of delicious, imported goods. But what drew my eye was the gelato/sorbets for sale out the front. The sign advertised it as from Gelato Primavera, with a menu that changes daily. I was excited to see that some of the best flavours were sorbets – mandarin, chocolate/orange and raspberry/coconut. Adhering to the best ’til last policy, I started with the raspberry/coconut, which tasted a bit dull compared to the other two. It was a tough choice between the chocolate/orange and the mandarin, but in the end chocolate/orange won out – it was so luxurious and it was the better taste to finish with, rather than the slightly bitter mandarin (which was probably the truest of all the flavours). We sat inside, although plenty of people were sitting on a cute bench out the front, and were able to relax for a good half hour recharging the batteries.

Spring St Grocer, 157 Spring Street Melbourne             http://www.springstreetgrocer.com.au/

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