Molly Canberra

There’s a real sense of adventure arriving at Molly, Canberra’s own speakeasy. I’d agreed to meet my friend there on a Friday after work as we’d both heard good things but never been. When you do a google search, all that comes up are co-ordinates to put into your GPS. It’s like going on a treasure hunt, except you find a big wooden door instead of an ‘x’ to mark the spot. The temperature drops going down the stairs, but you emerge into a gem of a bar. The tables are close and cozy, the bar is the only well-lit section and there’s a charcutrie for high-end snacks in the back corner. The vibe fantastic – the low lighting and small space does make you feel like you’re back in the prohibition era, and the fitout is fashionable without being cold. I ordered a mint julep and a toastie to snack on. The drink was small but packed a punch – garnished with fresh mint and well-crushed ice, the amount of bourbon in there isn’t for the faint-hearted. The toastie was more of a gourmet sandwich made to perfection with jamon and pickles amid the oozy cheese. Highly recommended for a classy night out.

Molly, undisclosed address, Hobart Place, Civic ACT           

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2 responses to “Molly

  1. Hey Sharon,

    Thanks for the great review. Our website is for your info, too.


    Ant @ Molly


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