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Spanish is one of those cuisines that can be done very well, but often is done fairly averagely. Olé falls into the former camp, luckily for my friends and I who went for dinner one balmy Brisbane evening. We got a table easily, and decided to share a few tapas dishes. I picked the croquetas del dia, which turned out to be cuttlefish, and the pulpo con patatas (octopus with potato), and my friend chose the tortilla espanola and the gambas con chorizo (prawn with chorizo). Everyone’s Spanish language skills improved just by reading the menu! The croquettes came out first and were perfect – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and not hot to the point of mouth-burning. I definitely ate more than my fair share of the octopus, which was soft and well matched with the potato and tomato paste it was served with. The tortilla was beautifully presented and was light and fluffy, and the saffron rice served with the prawns was to die for – a hint that their paella would be excellent! Brisbane definitely knows its tapas.

Olé Restaurant, Shop B12, Little Stanley St, South Brisbane QLD     http://www.olerestaurant.com.au/

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2 responses to “Olé

  1. Ahhh pulpo and spanish tortilla are seriously the best things ever! Any good tapas places in Canberra?


  2. I haven’t been, but I hear that Temporada is good. Anyone else have any recommendations?


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