5ifth Element

5ifth Element Brisbane

On a work trip to Brisbane, my colleagues and I found ourselves with a bit of unexpected time to eat out, so on a recommendation we went to 5ifth Element for their tapas plates (not because of the movie. Ok, maybe a little bit because of the movie). We ordered five dishes amongst the four of us, and every single one was amazing. We had a serve of crinkle-cut chips to start, which were tasty with the (somewhat small) serve of tomato chilli jam, and kept us going until the beef brisket buns came out. They were my favourite for the evening – thick slices of slightly sweet brisket, served with cucumber pickle in steaming hot bun wrappers. The brisket wasn’t quite melt-in-your-mouth, but whatever sauce it was cooked in was divine. More, please! This was followed by the lamb meatballs, which had a good kick to them, the chicken drumettes, which were beautifully flavoured with hoisin sauce, sesame and spring onion, and finally the Hervey Bay scallops, which were, as my friend described them, a textural delight, with pops from the fish roe on top. Each course was brought out by friendly staff and was well-paced – definitely somewhere to come back to.

5ifth Element, South Bank, http://www.5thelement.com.au

5th Element on Urbanspoon


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