Highgate Lane

Highgate Lane Canberra

While most of the action in Kingston seems to be on the Foreshore, the local shops shouldn’t be forgotten as a place with great breakfast options. A group of us went to Highgate Lane for a weekday breakfast and on arrival it became clear that they’re in business with Bittersweet Kingston, sharing seating and staff. There is a small breakfast menu just for Highgate customers, along with the full Bittersweet breakfast menu. We opted for the Highgate menu, which consists entirely of ‘breakfast rolls’, and I was lured in by the promise of eggs, bacon, relish and… hash browns, on a roll! When the food came out it didn’t disappoint – the roll was more like a burger bun, soft but not too thick. The eggs and bacon were still hot and the relish added some real kick. But the best part was the hash browns – soft inside and crispy outside, they really made the roll something special. The cafe has a modern vibe, with solid wooden tables and  exposed walls – bring a jacket though, with the laneway and centre doors open it can get chilly in cooler months.

Highgate Lane, Cussack Centre, Green Square Kingston ACT, no website

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