The Homestead Cafe

Homestead Cafe Canberra

My team at work are a bunch of foodies, and when I suggested going out for high tea on a Sunday, quite a lot of them were keen. I booked us in to the Homestead Cafe, and we were given a private room. I was struck by the beautiful crockery – everyone had different teacup and saucer sets, so we spent the first few minutes comparing and admiring the china. First course was a choice of sparkling wine or orange juice – I opted for the juice, and it was freshly squeezed and sweet. The finger sandwiches were next – they were also fresh (no crispy bread) and my favourite was the smoked salmon. The hot savoury course was the highlight, with caramelised onion tarts topped with goat’s cheese and a delightful arancini ball served with homemade tomato relish. Next were the scones – one per person, served with mixed berry jam and clotted cream. The scone was huge, crumbly and matched the thin jam perfectly. We concluded with a selection of small desserts, including a white chocolate and raspberry panna cotta and carrot cake. It was nice to leave a high tea not feeling overly bloated, and having had a relaxed afternoon out of town.

The Homestead Cafe, 214 Gooromon Ponds Rd Hall, ACT

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