Rakaposhi Kamakura

Sometimes taking the ‘wrong path’ leads to unexpected discoveries. On our day-trip to Kamakura, I turned left instead of right at the train station, thinking I would find the bustling shopping street full of restaurants for lunch. Instead, we found a local shopping street and a real gem. Rakaposhi is one of the most beautiful cafes I’ve ever been to. It’s half-florist, half-cafe, and their menu is full of fascinating culinary delights. All lunch options come as a set, so include soup, salad and a tiny dessert. The salad had Japan’s amazing goma (sesame) dressing and despite the heat of the day we devoured the chicken soup. We picked the ‘taco rice’ – I thought it would be octopus rice (tako being octopus), but it turned out to be an Okinawan dish that fuses Japanese and South American food styles – literally a deconstructed taco on a mountain of rice. I loved it – the crisp of the cornchips paired with the fresh lettuce, tomato and grated cheese was so refreshing, and the rice made it quite filling. We were spoiled with a frozen cube of chocolate mousse-esque icecream dusted in cocoa powder to finish. The staff were welcoming and friendly – when in Kamakura, please take the ‘wrong path’ to this little oasis of perfection.

Rakaposhi, 2-12 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Japan, no website


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