Eightysix Canberra

#icecreamthurs will resume next week; eightysix will be a double post today. You may have heard the buzz – Christine Manfield is in town, taking over the kitchen at eightysix. My friend and I booked bar seats with a kitchen view on her first night and here’s what happened. We started out with cocktails whilst scouring the rather long pop up menu full of Asian-inspired dishes. I picked the ‘Jessica Rabbit’, a lovely concoction of gin, strawberry, pickled ginger and prosecco that started out sweet on the front palate and grew into a warm gin flavour at the back. Our first dish was the prawn toast. This take was sophisticated and plentiful – the toast was deep fried but remained fluffy, and there was plenty of crispy prawn meat on top along with a delightful mayonnaise and sesame seeds. I am now wrecked for packet prawn toast! Our next dish was the enticingly named ‘strange flavour chicken noodles’ – this was an exciting mix of spice and flavour, definitely not for the faint-hearted. The chicken was delightfully tender and the somen noodles were cooked to perfection. The best mouthfuls were the ones with the micro corriander – absolutely perfect. Next up was the bulgogi beef steamed bun with kimchi pickle – we shared one, and found the bao to be light and springy and the beef to be nicely balanced with the kimchi. Part two to follow.

eightysix, 11 Elouera Street, Braddon ACT                                       http://eightysix.com.au/

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