Elemental Canberra 2

This was my second visit to Elemental in Braddon, and I was even more impressed on this visit than last time, not least because… the bone broth was available! Yay! I think they must use chicken bones, as the flavour was far lighter and less rich than I was expecting – in fact, it tasted much like my first (and only) homemade attempt at making ramen from scratch. Whilst it wasn’t quite what I was expecting/hoping for, it was still hearty and warming on a chilly day. I picked the quesadillas for something a bit different – they were delicious! There were two of them served with a fried eggs, fresh guacamole and harissa. The flavour inside the quesadillas was more what I would expect from a curry – the ‘spicy chicken’ lived up to its name, and I didn’t end up using much harissa as it was spicy enough for me. The flavour was fantastic though – the chicken combined with a lime leaf jam and coconut cheese was heavenly, and the fried egg oozed perfectly over the top. I was particularly taken with the guacamole (cubed not mushed) and was really impressed with the friendly service. Elemental is going from strength to strength.

Elemental, Ori building, 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT elementalcafe.wix.com/elementalcafe

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