Chat Thai

Chat Thai Sydney

I met a couple of friends in Sydney for dinner and asked them to decide where to eat. I was super excited when they took me to Chat Thai, somewhere I hadn’t tried in the Pitt St Westfield. Chat Thai’s menu is well-designed with modern graphics and plenty of choices, and the interior of the restaurant is dimly lit with several large, share tables running down the middle. We sat at the end of one, and spent quite some time studying the menu. In the end I decided against the noodle soups, spicy salads and the curries, and went for the crab omelette on the specials menu. The omelette was massive when it came out and in the end I couldn’t finish the whole thing. It appeared to have been deep fried on the outside, leaving a golden, slightly crispy outer with a fluffy, creamy inner that had fabulous textural contrast. The fresh corriander really brought the whole thing to life, and I would have loved more of the spicy dipping sauce to go with it. By the end I did feel like it was a bit rich and oily, but the crabmeat was tender and tasty. I will be back!

Chat Thai, Westfield Sydney, Level 6, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 

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