Mocan & Green Grout

Mocan & Green Grout Canberra 3

After a disappointing experience elsewhere, I promised that I wouldn’t order baked eggs again in a hurry. But when I arrived at Mocan & Green Grout for a catch up breakfast three days later, I really couldn’t go past it. I crossed my fingers and put my faith in the universe to redeem this winter favourite. Luckily, Mocan didn’t disappoint – far from it, in fact. I started out with a fresh orange juice, which came out really quickly in a large glass and was full of lovely fresh chewy orange bits. The eggs were beautifully presented in a cast iron pan on a board with a slice of beautifully heavy bread and a wedge of lemon. The eggs were lovely and runny, and mixed in nicely with the tomato sauce. The harrisa gave a great kick of heat that wasn’t too much so early in the morning, and I adored the smoky flavour that the Meredith dairy chevre added. The creaminess of the roasted eggplant elevated the whole experience to ‘super comfort food’ with the style and class I’ve come to expect from Mocan. My faith in baked eggs was restored tenfold.

Mocan & Green Grout, 1/19 Marcus Clarke Street, New Acton, ACT

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  1. Love that place

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