Parlour Wine Room

Parlour Wine Room Canberra 2

When we got to Parlour, the first question my colleague asked me was ‘did you order the burger?’ I’ve got a bit of a reputation for always picking the burger, but in this case it was completely justified. Whilst not part of the $16 lunch specials (a meal and glass of wine/beer included), the Parlour Burger was excellent value for $18, served with shoestring fries in the cutest little pot. The burger itself was very tasty, with the patty cooked to be just a touch pink (perfect), and a great charring on the outside. The beef was coarse but not too coarse, and I particularly enjoyed the slathering of cheese on top. What made this burger stand out was the onion ring smack bang in the middle. Yep. Hello deep-fried oniony goodness (none of this reconstituted business, thank you very much). And the bacon – that was pretty great too. Not to mention that the tomato was thoughtfully sandwiched in between the patty and lettuce, so that it didn’t make the soft brioche bun soggy. I probably shouldn’t have, but I finished all of the shoestring fries – gosh they were good, with a perfect amount of crispy outside and soft inside. No criticisms here at all.

Parlour Wine Room, 16 Kendall Lane, Acton ACT

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  1. Those chips look particularly good!

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