Each A Cup

Each a Cup Singapore

Flashback post! I couldn’t resist trying the local bubble tea in Singapore – it’s not something that I’m hugely into in Australia, but when it’s 35 degrees outside and 70 per cent humidity, an iced tea sounds more and more appealing! I thought their tagline ‘for people who go for quality’ was cute and so I put them to the test. I ordered a lychee ‘fruity iced blend’, although there were a number of tempting flavours including peach, green apple and ‘love fruit’ (whatever that is!). You can add extras into your drink, and having been so close to picking the green apple flavour, I instead chose to add green apple pearls as an extra, because what is bubble tea without the bubbles? They were somewhat busy, although my order didn’t take long to prepare. The drink was very icy and hit the spot perfectly on a warm day. The lychee flavour wasn’t sickly sweet, and the pops of green apple pearls matched really well, although I did find that the ‘skins’ were a bit tough at times. Each A Cup has so many options that you could easily try one a day for months – hmm, what an interesting idea…

Each A Cup, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #B4-45 Singapore      http://www.each-a-cup.com/


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