Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina Sydney 4

The next couple of #icecreamthurs posts will be brought to you from Sydney!
Gelato Messina wins all the things for having so many sorbet options. I always feel spoilt for choice, and on this occasion I decided to venture beyond my fruity sorbet comfort-zone (oh yes, dear readers) and order the chocolate sorbet. With a second scoop of strawberry. You know, because fruit is the best. Well, this experience has taught me two things. 1. Chocolate sorbet is da bomb, no question. It’s rich, luscious and so richly tasty that I felt like I’d eaten a whole brownie afterwards. 2. Chocolate and fruit belong together. I spent a moment regretting my choice of strawberry, because raspberry would have brought the tartness that the chocolate so clearly needed, but the fresh, sweet strawberry flavour was still a great contrast to the rich chocolate. The flavours at Messina are all so authentic and intense, and the strawberry sorbet is no exception. Not to mention that the serving is huge – we shared this between two and even then it took us a while to eat. I still remain firmly in denial that it’s not summer, though, despite the excellent lessons about flavour I learned.

Gelato Messina, 241 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW,

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One response to “Gelato Messina

  1. Ooooh I’ve had many of their flavours, but I’ve never tried chocolate sorbet, next on my list!


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