Papparich Sydney

PappaRich isn’t the first place I would think of as an icecream store – roti, curries, even mango lassi, yes, but icecream? Well, the stall in the food court at the Macquarie Centre sells just that (please correct me if I’ve got this wrong and it’s old branding on the stall!), and I happened to stop by after a very successful shopping stint. Whilst there were exciting flavours – including black sesame and  durian, the latter of which I have yet to try – I kept my lactose-intolerant tummy happy with a dairy-free raspberry sorbet ($4.80 for a single scoop). The serve was a reasonable size and definitely enough of a sugar-hit to reenergise me for the afternoon. The sorbet had a somewhat icy texture, and was punctuated by the little raspberry seeds that some places seem to think are necessary to prove raspberry authenticity. Personally, I could do without the seeds, and I found the flavour intense but not as compelling as, say, Scroll, which has a top-notch raspberry flavour. I’d place this as middle-of-the-range, and would be curious to see if their icecream flavours are a notch better. Note that payment is by cash only and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Papparich, food court, Macquarie Centre, Macquarie Park NSW,

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