Hopscotch Canberra 2

Regular readers will know how I love a good burger – and pickles, I’m a sucker for pickles. So it’s no surprise that I’m always willing to try the burger on the menu, which is exactly what I did when we holed up at Hopscotch on a particularly chilly afternoon. Which burger, I hear you ask? The specials menu offered a pulled beef burger with wholegrain mustard and pickles. Sold. The food took a surprisingly long time to come out, given how quiet the place was, but when it did the plate was packed full of chips (and there was plenty of burger too). The fries here are great – thin and generally crisp (I reckon they could have been in for a tad longer this time around) they’re also nicely seasoned – very moreish. The burger was a good size, although I found the beef to be a bit tough, like it had been cooked just a bit too far. The flavour was great, though, and there were lots of thick-sliced pickles, which definitely helped. I enjoyed dining there much more as the noise level was low, but thought the dish was a bit average for Hopscotch’s standard.

Hopscotch, 5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT,

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