One of the many new openings over the last month, Rye brings a refreshing taste of seasonal produce with a Danish twist to Lonsdale Street. The Scandi-inspired space is minimalist but welcoming, and the menu is simple but well-executed. Dad and I waited a bit for service, but it was amply made up for – our order of 2 each of the rare beef and smoked salmon smorrebrod ($8 per sandwich) came out within moments, along with fresh squeezed orange juices ($7 each). Both open sandwiches were served on dark seeded rye (soooo tasty), and the toppings will change according to seasonal availability. The salmon was my favourite, with thick spinach leaves, fennel, salmon, boiled egg and roe on top. There was plenty of salmon, and the mix of textures (fresh, crunchy, doughy, and pop!) was a delight. The rare beef was also delicious, with what had to be a housemade bearnaise sauce and a cornichon perched on top. The fresh radish batons were perfectly sliced and the whole combination was like an upmarket gourmet sandwich. I’d be keen to see more Danish-inspired dishes on the menu (something Canberra certainly lacks) and perhaps some sweet options (I’m told they’re coming!). I’ll certainly be back soon for post-work snacks.

Rye, 9 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT, http://www.ryecafe.com.au/


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