I’ve been meaning to try Lilotang’s $18 bento lunch special for a while, but finally got around to it on a Friday afternoon. After a busy morning at work, entering the cool, sleek space felt like stepping into an oasis. My friend and I both ordered the braised beef oyster blade with roast carrot bento ($18 each), and I added miso soup for an extra $3. I was particularly excited to see the potato salad in the bento, which is a Japanese side-dish staple. But first the beef. Braised to perfection, the beef melts in your mouth, eat portion chunky and tender and flavoured with a slightly spicy sauce. I was surprised they gave you a spoon, but it was evidently to drink the sauce with (we both cheated and poured it over the rice – so good). The roast carrots retained a bit of their crispiness, so they weren’t just mush, but had the right amount of give. I really liked the balance of having heavy potato salad, slightly heavy beef and rice, and light salad in the bento – the citrus dressing on the lettuce was lovely and refreshing. As always, I devoured the pickles and could have eaten several more. The bento are such great value and incredibly tasty. Love you long time, Lilotang!

Lilotang, Burbury Hotel, 1 Burbury Close, Barton ACT,

Lilotang Japanese Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2 responses to “Lilotang

  1. Hi Sharon,

    This sound delicious – do they do vegetarian bento boxes?? Also your phot is not downloading for me – I don’t know if it’s a pm&c thing. Thanks for the blogs ☺ –


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