Ok, so one does not go to Argentina to eat Scandinavian food, but when the space is as lovely as Ølsen’s, I couldn’t not. The long block of land is elegantly presented, with garden walls either side drawing your eye to the vast glass frontage. I ordered from the set lunch menu (ARS 170), opting for the pumpkin soup with apple confit to start and grilled fish with potato, saffron and an olive tapenade for the main. To start, the waiter brought a stack of three huge bagels (I managed to nibble at one), before my pumpkin soup arrived. This is literally the best pumpkin soup I’ve ever had – the sweet confit apple added so much to the rich, creamy soup that I’m going to try making this at home. Yum, yum, yum. The main was huge too, with a large fillet (unfortunately I couldn’t determine what sort of fish it was) of tender, flakey fish (perhaps slightly overdone). I found the tapenade a bit strong for the other delicate flavours, but the potatoes were every foodie’s dream. Surely double or triple fried, with perfectly crisp skins and fluffy, soft insides, they were heavy but super tasty – I definitely over-ate, and would come back in a heartbeat for more of that soup.

Ølsen, Gorriti 5870 Palermo Buenos Aires, Argentina, no website


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