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Fudd's Adelaide

My brother and his partner tell me that Fudd’s has the best burger in Adelaide, and on my last visit they took me there to back up the claim. We arrived fairly early on a Saturday night and the place was already packed, so we sat in the outside area (which has great heating, thankfully!). We started with a bowl of chilli cheese fries ($10) to warm us up. The chilli had a nice amount of heat without being too much, and although it was drier than I like my chilli to be, that meant the chips stayed crisp, so I think the balance is right. Yum. I chose the Cheeseburger ($10) and on the waiter’s recommendation added bacon ($2) – this was a great decision. The burger is served on a milk bun with a huge patty, mustard, ketchup, Fudd’s sauce, pickles, red onion and cheddar cheese. The beef was absolutely delicious – although it was cooked through, so could have been a shade pinker – and had a great texture. The mix of sauces worked really well together, with the Fudd’s sauce rounding out the sharp mustard and ketchup. This is the sort of burger my Dad makes at home – hearty and tasty. Best burger in Adelaide? Pretty darn close.

Fudd’s, 3/40 Sandpiper Crescent, Aberfoyle Park, SA, no webiste

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T Bar

T Bar Adelaide

I have been going to T Bar for tea since I was a uni student (and they were in the David Jones food court), and one afternoon exploring in town I stopped by their store in Rundle Place for a snack. I love that you can both have their teas in store/takeaway and buy packets of their tea to brew yourself – T Bar was here before T2 and is still my favourite. On this occassion, I ordered an iced peach green tea and a lemon melting moment to dine in. The iced tea came out in a huge glass with lots of ice and fresh lemon slices inside – yum. The tea has a really lovely peach flavour without being too sweet; it’s well balanced with the sencha green tea flavour and doesn’t have an strong bitterness that some green teas have. The melting moment was buttery perfection – yes, it was small, but the luscious filling with a lemony tang and the crumbly, well-cooked biscuit were calories I won’t regret. The back of the store has a really nice seating area to enjoy your tea, and I’d love to come back for more substantial food and to relive my uni years again soon.

T Bar, Rundle Place, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA, https://www.tbar.com.au/

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Scroll Adelaide 3

I ate courtesy of Scroll; all opinions remain my own. I popped in to the Adelaide Scroll store to try their new sorbet range (yay, dairy-free options!) and opted for the Raspberry Dash (usually $9), which comes with fresh mint and is topped with mint-infused ice. Oooh. I watched the Scroll ninjas make my sorbet, starting with a liquid syrup that is spread on the icy-cold teppan, and smoothed flat before being scraped into perfect scrolls. The team were flat out during this visit, so I had about a 20 minute wait, but with ingredients running out and not enough staff, the two team members on shift were very apologetic. The sorbet itself had the most intense raspberry flavour I’ve ever tried in any icecream/gelato/sorbet, which was quite impressive. There was just the right balance between tartness and sweetness, and the textural contrast of the ice on top worked well (although I couldn’t taste the mint). Unfortunately, as I continued to eat, the raspberry sorbet started separating into chunks of ice and thick raspberry flavour, so perhaps the mix isn’t quite right yet, but overall the intensity of flavour made this stand out as an excellent sorbet.

Scroll, 35 York Street, Adelaide SA, http://www.scrollicecream.com.au/

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Paesano Adelaide

I think my friends and I confused the staff at Paesano – we stopped by for dessert one night and asked a tonne of questions about their options, dietary requirements and pricing (Instagramming all the while) that might have looked (and sounded) something like a foodie whirlwind. Regardless, we eventually managed to order and sat outside. While most of the group ordered gelato, I was sucked in by the pretty dessert in a jar. Yep. It was a raw vegan cheesecake (continuing the Adelaide trend of awesome raw foods), created by Sweet Lola. The jar looks small, but once you get stuck in, there’s a lot in there! Topped with apricot, raspberry, cacao nibs, coconut and other delicious things, the berry-flavoured ‘cheesecake’ (no dairy actually contained) had the lovely texture of all raw cakes – and was surprisingly filling. I found every mouthful to be a delight and was sad to reach the bottom of the jar. The cacao nibs in particular were interesting – not sweet, but well-paired with the sweet apricot, they added a lot of flavour. The staff happily let us sit and chat until late – a nice place to while away an evening and enjoy dessert.

Paesano, 81 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide SA, no website

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Burger Theory

Burger Theory Adelaide

Adelaideans are so lucky – you guys are going through a serious burger craze, and you get fun places like Burger Theory! Firstly a food truck, now a bricks-and-mortar store (sound familiar?), Burger Theory is everything that a burger place should be; no frills, fresh-cooked and full of energy. We both ordered the Pearl’s Cheeseburger ($11) and shared a side of fries ($4). Yes, at first glance the burgers look small, but good things come in small packages! Firstly, let me say that these are rock-star patties – utterly delicious and perfectly cooked, this is everything that a self-respecting burger patty should aspire to be. Burger Theory has also won my heart by targeting my ultimate weakness. Pickles. You guys, there are a LOT of pickles on this burger. Not just a couple of shredded bits, or two lonely slices, but a whole base covered in thick sliced pickle goodness. This is obviously amped up to “winner” by the ketchup and mustard sauce combo. The fries were excellent too, crisp outside and soft inside, I didn’t think they needed sauce and we devoured them pretty quickly. So heart-eyes emoji all around, basically. #cometocanberra?

Burger Theory, 8-10 Union Street, Adelaide SA, http://www.burgertheory.com/

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Genki Roll

Genki Roll Adelaide

Genki Roll has a special place in my heart – I used to eat lunch there quite regularly as a student, so on this visit I tried my old favourite, the hot udon soup, to see if it’s still as good as I remember. The answer is yes. For a great value $5.20 you can get a regular sized udon, and I added tempura vegetables for an extra $2.50. The bowl was still a good size, and the tempura was going nice and soggy in the broth (yum). The noodles remain beautifully springy and given the different widths, I wonder if they’re made in store (does anyone know?). New is the pile of not-very-authentic greens on the side, which I avoided. The tempura vegetables did seem to contain prawns (maybe a communication error?) but was fabulously fried and full of onion and other good bits. Soaked in the broth, they were perfect. The prawn was a bit ho-hum, but as always, the broth is the real star and it was just like I remember -salty, and with that proper Japanese flavour that udon broths should have. Sure, it’s not exactly healthy, but on a chilly afternoon, this dish will warm you to your bones.

Genki Roll, Adelaide Central Plaza, Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA

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Two-Bit Villains

Two-Bit Villains Adelaide

Hey you guys, have you heard about Two-Bit Villains? I am probably a bit slow to catch on, but this soda bar & diner (est. in 2011) is secreted away in the upper balcony of the Adelaide Arcade – and it’s vegan! I was fascinated to try one of their ‘beef’ (soy) burgers and see how it measures up, so on the waitress’s recommendation I ordered the Baron, with the soy patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and smokey BBQ sauce – plus I added pickles ($12, plus 50c for the pickles). The burger came with fries, and let me tell you, the herbed seasoning they use is actually amazing! When I asked what was in it, I was told it’s the chef’s special, so they’re not giving up any secrets! First bite of the burger is all about the BBQ sauce – yes, it is smokey and has that rich, savoury-sweet thing that a good BBQ sauce should have going on. Yum. The soy patty was delicious, and I’m not just saying that. I really enjoyed the lighter texture, which matched well with the fluffy bun. All the ingredients were fresh and the portion was perfect for lunch, not to mention the friendly service. A lovely experience all around.

Two-Bit Villains, Adelaide Arcade Balcony Level, Rundle Mall Adelaide SA, http://two-bitvillains.com/

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