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Space Kitchen


You know that feeling when your food comes out and you think, yes, I have ordered exactly what I feel like? That’s what happened when I saw my giant Korean Fried Chicken burger ($16.90) at Space Kitchen. The burger comes with bacon (chicken and bacon are meant to be together), the eponymous fried chicken, Asian slaw, Sriracha and a smokey soy aioli. I also ordered a side of chips for $3 (not necessary). The chips were the only let down – a bit undercooked, they lacked freshness and crispness, although were well seasoned. The burger was hard to eat – knife and fork required – but worth the effort. The chicken isn’t super fried, just the skin, so within are tender pieces of breast meat that just melt in your mouth. The bacon was also a little less crisp than I prefer, but added so much flavour with a good streak of fat. The slaw was made by the great combo of Sriracha and the smokey aioli – together, they weren’t too much, and stopped the slaw from being dry. I couldn’t finish the burger, let alone the chips, so maybe a good one to share.

Space Kitchen, Skypark, corner of Furzer and Worgan Streets, Phillip ACT, http://space-kitchen.com.au/

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Shake Shack


You guys. Shake Shack has dominated my Instagram feed, and it seems to be the holy grail of American burger icons. I finally found it! Having never been to the States, I was thrilled to find an outlet at Dubai’s International Airport on my way home from Germany. So, being the dedicated foodie I am, I ordered a Shack Burger (AED $35) with a side of crinkle cut fries (AED $20) at 8am – roughly AUD $20. I am a huge fan of soft, sloppy burgers (give me that over crispy burger buns anyday) and Shake Shack totally rocks this category. The patty was fresh and cooked just right, although on the downside, it did have a piece of gristle inside (not cool). The lettuce, tomato and cheese are all pretty standard, but the ShackSauce was so excellent that it lifted the burger up a notch. I couldn’t finish the fries (8am people, 8am) but I found them a little underdone (just a minute more and they would have been awesome). The crinkle cut certainly expands the fried surface, maximising flavour, and they were well-seasoned. Overall, this was an enjoyable burger, although not quite worth the fairly high price for what it was.

Shake Shack, Terminal 3 Airport Rd, Dubai United Arab Emirates, https://www.shakeshack.com/location/dubai-dxb-airport/

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Argh, so many posts to catch up on – here’s a fun one from earlier this month. You know it’s going to be a good Christmas party when the lunch part of the party is at Brodburger. We pre-ordered for about 15 people and found a standing table outside in part sun, part shade. I hadn’t tried their baby burgers before, so ordered the Baby Brod Chicken ($10) with a small side of fries ($3). The baby size is such a winner, being just enough food and leaving room for the delicious Brodburger shoestring fries. As always, the burger was cooked to perfection, with a succulent, tender chicken breast, perfectly salty bacon, creamy avocado and the magic homemade chilli aioli that is the x-factor in their burgers. The fresh ingredients plus the well-thought out combination of flavours makes the Brod Chicken one of my favourites: bacon, chicken and avo are meant to be together. The fries could have been cooked a tad longer for my taste, but were nicely seasoned and came with tomato dipping sauce. I’d highly recommend pre-ordering, to save notoriously long wait times and deliver the burger goods right away!

Brodburger, Canberra Glassworks, 11 Wentworth Ave, Kingston ACT   http://www.brodburger.com.au

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Bread & Bone

Bread & Bone Adelaide 2

I really think that Bread & Bone make the best burgers in Adelaide. There’s something magical about the way they take familiar flavours and boost them into the stratosphere. The burgers aren’t huge, but they’re filling and delicious and I can’t get enough. On this visit, I went back to the B&B burger ($18) – I’m not too sure I’ll ever want to order anything else from the menu, as this classic has kept up the hype and all of the magnificent flavour I adored last time. With a nicely toasted bun, oozy melted cheese and the killer combination of a high-quality beef patty and bacon (although not as much bacon as last time), the balance of flavours and textures is any burger-lover’s dream. Sure, there’s some lettuce and tomato in there to balance things out, but they play second fiddle to the rest of the ingredients. The fries remain impeccable, and were dished up in a generous serving that I couldn’t quite finish. They were perfectly seasoned and were just crisp enough for my preference. As usual, the staff were very friendly, and we were able to linger happily resting our feet after a long morning of walking. I’ll be back for round three ASAP.

Bread & Bone Wood Grill, 15 Peel Street, Adelaide SA, no website

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Hopscotch Canberra 2

Regular readers will know how I love a good burger – and pickles, I’m a sucker for pickles. So it’s no surprise that I’m always willing to try the burger on the menu, which is exactly what I did when we holed up at Hopscotch on a particularly chilly afternoon. Which burger, I hear you ask? The specials menu offered a pulled beef burger with wholegrain mustard and pickles. Sold. The food took a surprisingly long time to come out, given how quiet the place was, but when it did the plate was packed full of chips (and there was plenty of burger too). The fries here are great – thin and generally crisp (I reckon they could have been in for a tad longer this time around) they’re also nicely seasoned – very moreish. The burger was a good size, although I found the beef to be a bit tough, like it had been cooked just a bit too far. The flavour was great, though, and there were lots of thick-sliced pickles, which definitely helped. I enjoyed dining there much more as the noise level was low, but thought the dish was a bit average for Hopscotch’s standard.

Hopscotch, 5 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT,

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Fudd's Adelaide

My brother and his partner tell me that Fudd’s has the best burger in Adelaide, and on my last visit they took me there to back up the claim. We arrived fairly early on a Saturday night and the place was already packed, so we sat in the outside area (which has great heating, thankfully!). We started with a bowl of chilli cheese fries ($10) to warm us up. The chilli had a nice amount of heat without being too much, and although it was drier than I like my chilli to be, that meant the chips stayed crisp, so I think the balance is right. Yum. I chose the Cheeseburger ($10) and on the waiter’s recommendation added bacon ($2) – this was a great decision. The burger is served on a milk bun with a huge patty, mustard, ketchup, Fudd’s sauce, pickles, red onion and cheddar cheese. The beef was absolutely delicious – although it was cooked through, so could have been a shade pinker – and had a great texture. The mix of sauces worked really well together, with the Fudd’s sauce rounding out the sharp mustard and ketchup. This is the sort of burger my Dad makes at home – hearty and tasty. Best burger in Adelaide? Pretty darn close.

Fudd’s, 3/40 Sandpiper Crescent, Aberfoyle Park, SA, no webiste

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Burgers Anonymous

Burgers Anonmous Sydney

I have to admit, I didn’t really get the reference of a giant portrait on the wall at Burgers Anonymous, but apparently this Sydney eatery takes its theme from Breaking Bad. I was focused on a quick feed, so ordered an Apollo Cheese ($9), with an angus beef patty, American cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard, and a serve of shoestring fries seasoned with salt ($4). The food came out really quickly and was obviously cooked to order, nice and fresh. The fries were great value, heaped generously in a plastic tray and lightly seasoned. They were well-cooked through, and had just the right amount of crispiness. The burger was jam-packed full of flavour, mostly from the quality beef and the smashing sauce combo. I would have liked the patty to be slightly pink, but I loved the gnarly charred bits so can’t really complain. The American cheese was a nice touch, and the pickles were sliced thinly throughout. Overall this meal was exactly what I was looking for – fast, fresh food with great flavour. Not to mention friendly service.

Burgers Anonymous, 80 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW, no website

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