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This may be the ultimate hotel breakfast of all hotel breakfasts. Because, attached to Hotel Clasico in Palermo Hollywood, is Möoi, a beautiful space, and the breakfast location for hotel guests. Here, you are presented with a full breakfast menu to order from, which is all included. That’s right. You order breakfast from the menu, and can mix and match different items. Amazing. On arrival, you receive a fresh cup of orange juice and a choice of tea or coffee – I always picked black tea, which was served in a delicate cast iron teapot, Japanese-style. My first food combination was the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon bagel. One thing about food here is that the portions are always huge, so clearly it was a mistake to get a two-part meal. The eggs were light, fluffy and cooked to perfection, to enjoy the maximum flavour. I particularly liked the addition of spring onion slices for extra bang. The bagel was fresh and dense, and of course the salmon was divine, although sadly I couldn’t eat more than a few mouthfuls. Luckily I stayed for a week so had plenty more chances to get it right!

Möoi, Costa Rica 5468, Buenos Aires 1414, Argentina, no website

Mocan & Green Grout


Dear Mocan & Green Grout, I love your baked eggs. I have been a fan for a long time, and you never, ever let me down. Seriously, I’m not even being sarcastic. This visit was no exception, and I couldn’t be tempted to part from your beautiful, runny yolks, or your spicy tang of harissa paste, no matter how exciting your menu. I always take a moment to appreciate the top quality of the local bread you use for dipping, lightly toasted. I don’t want to be critical, but a little knob of butter could improve its potential exponentially, should you be so inclined. Oh, I can’t write without telling you how much I adore the charred eggplant lying at the bottom of this pan of deliciousness. I can’t cook eggplant to save my life, so having it dished up with such delightful creaminess is wonderful. With a squeeze of lemon, your Meredith chevre becomes sprightly and fun, joining the flavour party with the sort of gusto this dish warrants. Of course your restaurant space is welcoming and elegant, to match your quality food. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks, Sharon

Mocan & Green Grout, 1/19 Marcus Clarke Street, New Acton, ACT http://mocanandgreengrout.com/

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Some Cafe

Some Cafe NSW

Some Cafe is quite possibly the cutest place I’ve ever been to, and was definitely the best place to start a girls’ weekend away. Sprawled throughout a beautiful old home, retaining the gorgeous wood fires and big windows, it’s the kind of space you want to spend time in. When I saw the dessert cabinet, my heart was lost. I ordered the Dingo (free range bacon and  backyard egg roll with house ketchup and mayo, $10) for brunch and a caramel slice ($4) for the road. The Dingo came out looking fabulous, and it tasted just as good. With in-between soft and crisp texture, the bacon had nice charring and a god amount of salt – hello flavour heaven. This was nicely matched by the giant egg (laid by the cafe’s hens) and don’t be fooled by the phrase ‘ketchup’. This is more like the nicest tomato relish you’ve ever tried. I understand their menu highlights seasonal foods, soI’m making a note to come back for all things pumpkin in May. We also decided unanimously that the caramel slice was the best we’ve ever tasted. With food this good plus friendly service, cozy atmosphere and incredible value, Some Cafe is a must-visit.

Some Cafe, 5-7 Murray Street, Collector NSW, http://www.somecafe.com.au/

Castillo Forestal


Castillo Forestal is a sight to behold in the early morning – approaching from one side, you can admire the impressive turret that gives it its castle status; approaching the other side, the sunlight glimmers through the modern floor-to-ceiling glass window panes. For my first breakfast in Chile, I ordered the Brunch (only available on weekends), which included tea, orange juice, an omelette, a ham and cheese croissant, a fruit salad, bread of the day with honey, and fresh avocado ($9900 CLP). It was certainly an impressive spread. I started with the croissant, which was served hot and had a lovely, rich bechamel sauce inside; the pastry was lovely and flaky too. The omelette was next – fluffy and creamy, it met all expectations coming from a French-style restaurant, and went surprisingly well with the avocado. The fruit salad was a mix of apple, kiwi fruit and banana, which perfectly cut through the rich food. I needed that, because the bread seemed to be some kind of very sweet French toast, and with the honey on top it was even sweeter (good for conquering jetlag). I struggled to finish this – so much food and all of it incredibly tasty. Highly recommended!

Castillo Forestal, Av. Cardenal José María Caro 390, Santiago, Chile http://www.castilloforestal.cl/

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Fox & Bow

Fox & Bow Canberra 3

I’m a bit behind on the Senorita Fox bandwagon – this dish was a huge feature on instagram when Ivy & the Fox first opened and is also on the menu at Fox & Bow. We snuck in and managed to grab a table inside on a chilly weekend morning, and this time I bypassed the drinks and went straight to the good stuff. This plate ($20) is packed with toast, grilled haloumi, two poached eggs, smoked salmon and avocado. Phew – it’s tiring just writing it all out! The toast was a bit hard to cut, but the eggs were perfectly poached and oh my, that haloumi was soooo tasty! The portion of salmon was surprisingly large, and it paired well with the avocado. I particularly liked that the avo had been rolled in a mix of black and white sesame seeds, although would suggest that this be noted on the menu for those with allergies. There were also a few pepitas scattered on the plate, which added a bit of extra flavour. I wasn’t sure what exactly the sauces under the toast were, but I’m sure they did their bit in the flavour department too. Overall a filling, fresh breakfast I’ll be back for.

Fox & Box, 4 Farrer Place, Farrer ACT                               http://www.foxandbow.com.au/

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Eliana Lulu

Eliana Lulu Melbourne

Despite the odd name, Eliana Lulu lured Mum and I in with its cozy buzz on a chilly Melbourne morning. We managed to snag a table against the wall, which was perfect for people watching. We both started out with fresh orange juices, which came in giant glasses and were beautifully sweet. We also both ordered the same thing, wanting a hearty, warming breakfast – the Spanish eggs ($16.50), with poached eggs in a chorizo, jamon, pea and tomato ragout. Served in an iron pan, the portion was huge and accompanied by two slices of thick bread – perfect for dipping. The eggs were perfectly poached and oozed into the ragout. I was really impressed by the quality of the chorizo and the jamon – these were clearly high grade meats and they shone amid the simple ingredient mix. The tomato ragout was exactly what you want on a cold morning – rich and well-seasoned – the kind of dish that warms you to the bone. Neither of us talked very much as we ate – a sure sign of excellent food – and Mum deemed this her favourite meal of our whole trip! Yum, yum, and yum.

Eliana Lulu, 7-9 Centre Place, Melbourne VIC, no website

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Temporada Canberra

I can’t believe this was my first visit to Temporada! I caught up with Bec for breakfast, and we both admired the sleek, elegant decor. I ordered the baked eggs with pork sausage and pistachio dukkah ($15) – when it came out with two thick slices of toast with real butter on them (swoon) and topped with parsley and dill, I was very pleased with my choice! The ramekin didn’t look very full, but the dish was deceptively filling. The eggs were just a tad past runny, and were nicely seasoned – this was the bulk of the dish. The pork sausages had fabulous flavour, and there was a good serving of them in the ramekin – it was nice to have a variant on the traditional chorizo option. But what really lifted this dish was the pistachio dukkah. Dukkah is one of my favourite things, and this one was superb, with plenty of huge pistachio chunks and a great blend of spices that complemented the rest of the dish perfectly. Temporada has excellent service and faced with a slight mix up at the till, the staff dealt with it quickly and professionally. On a cold Canberra morning, there’s really nothing more you could want.

Temporada, 15 Moore Street, Canberra ACT, http://www.temporada.com.au/

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