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Sweet Bones

Sweet Bones Canberra

What do you do at Sweet Bones when you want both granola and a smoothie? You combine them into a smoothie bowl and have both, yay! I adore Sweet Bones’ dairy-free menu, so I picked my smoothie, the Fit Sistas Smoothie with strawberries, banana, apple juice and flax oil, and added Eileen’s granola and seasonal fruit to my order to make the smoothie bowl ($16). The granola here is unbelievably good – jam-packed full of dried fruit – apricots, cranberries and sultanas – plus more nuts than you can poke a stick at (almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias) AND sunflower seeds… Oh, and did I mention that it’s all toasted in maple syrup? Swoon. The granola was still crunchy was despite floating in smoothie, and I actually enjoyed the combination with the smoothie far more than I do granola with milk. The smoothie had great texture – not too icy, and with a nicely balances sweetness – and there was sooooo much of it! The fruit on top (oh, hello banana, Granny Smith apple, strawberry and passionfruit!) added a great splash of flavour and a mix of textures, creating a filling, wholesome breakfast that I can’t wait to order again.

Sweet Bones, 8/18 Lonsdale Street Braddon, ACT, http://sweetbonescompany.com/

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Local Press

Local Press Canberra 5

I usually stick to the breakfasty items on the menu at Local Press, but this visit was definitely at lunchtime, so I ventured into the actual lunch offerings. I was tempted by the kangaroo sirloin, but being a warm day decided for the cooler salad option – a soy ginger chicken and black sesame Vietnamese salad. The plate came out and I was impressed with the vibrant colours – getting stuck in, the salad was just as fresh as it looked. The snowpeas, capsicum and broccoli were all lovely and crisp, enhanced by the fresh mint and basil and rounded off with a good kick of chilli. The noodles were a bit underdone for my taste, although it made them easy to pick up, and I loved the fresh, tangy flavour of the vinegary sauce. The black sesame and cashews added flavour hits, but the star of the dish was the chicken – beautifully tender and packed full of flavour, these pieces were plentiful and moreish. I also had one of the cold pressed juices – orange, mandarin and passionfruit, which helped me cool down from the chilli. The citrus was sweet and refreshing, and the passionfruit added a nice bite. Lovely.

Local Press, 128 Trevellian Quay, Kingston ACT http://www.localpresscafe.com.au/

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Eighty Twenty

Eighty Twenty Canberra 2

I adore those beautiful spring weekend mornings when you can feel the sun shining on your face! My friend and I enjoyed one such morning sitting outside at Eighty Twenty. Another friend had recommended trying one of the acai bowls – acai isn’t my favourite flavour, but with the delicious-sounding toppings I gave the “O” bowl, one of three options, a go. Our food came out quickly, although not at the same time, and I admired the neat presentation of the strawberries, bananas, granola and toasted coconut on top. The concept reminded me of Local Press’ smoothie bowl, with a dairy-free acai blend beneath the fruit and granola. Winning combination! The granola was the rock star of this meal – crisp, sweet and full of oats, almonds and other delicious things, every mouthful was a delight. The acai blend was lovely and refreshing, with bits of ice and banana to thicken it up. I also really loved the fresh banana and strawberry – this, combined with the icy acai and the crispy granola meant the dish ticked all the flavour an texture boxes. The portion size was just right for brunch and for $14 it was reasonable value. I can’t wait to try the other two!

Eighty Twenty, 18 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT, http://www.eightytwentyfood.com.au/

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Local Press

Local Press Canberra 4

Sometimes I feel like this blog is a bit of a love letter to Local Press. Every time I eat there I have a consistently excellent experience, and this time was no exception. Having not tried it before, I opted for the smoked leg ham toasted sandwich, while my friends tried the French toast and the porridge. The food came out quickly, and I was struck by the vibrant colours on the plate. The menu didn’t mention that the sandwich came with a salad, so that was a pleasant surprise. The fresh rocket and capsicum was a perfect way to lighten up the rich toastie. And what a toastie it was! The bread had obviously been pan-fried in butter – it oozed with deliciousness and the flavour was incredible. I chose to add a fried egg into the filling and it went really well with the thick-cut leg ham (slightly chewy, but really tasty), the fresh tomato and the tasty cheddar. The whole breakfast was so hearty and I think it would have still been super filling, even without the added egg. The other dishes looked great too – I’ll be back soon to try them out!

Local Press, 128 Trevellian Quay, Kingston ACT http://www.localpresscafe.com.au/

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Maple & Clove

Maple and Clove Canberra

Sometimes you just want a light breakfast, and when I met my friend at Maple & Clove I was a bit disappointed to realise it was one of those days. The menu looked amazing and whilst I would have loved to try a cooked breakfast, the Spelt Fig and Walnut toast was calling my name. I ordered a pot of sencha meicha loose leaf tea to start, which came out in a petite teapot with a removable infuser. The tea had just the right note of green overtones and was comforting and warm. My toast came out with butter and chia strawberry compote, which I have to admit was a wonderful substitute for jam. Presented in a cute little jar, the compote was lovely and spreadable and wasn’t overly sweet. Whilst it didn’t look like much, there was plenty there. The toast itself was perfectly toasted, still easily cut and with a light texture. The crunch of the walnut was perfection and the meal was exactly what I felt like. My friend had poached eggs with mushrooms and found it very filling – I’ll be back at Maple & Clove when I have more of an appetite.

Maple & Clove, 7 Burbery Close, Barton ACT                                                                mapleandclove.com.au/

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Local Press

Local Press 3 Canberra

An important part of Local Press is its emphasis on wholefoods, and this is reflected in their menu choices. The first item on their menu encapsulates this philosophy, and having tried the majority of other items, on this visit I decided to dive right in and try the ‘green breaky plate’. My only reservation was that it might not be filling enough – I shouldn’t have worried. The portions at Local Press are just right and I enjoyed walking away from breakfast without feeling bloated. The plate included hard boiled eggs coated in za’atar (a Middle Eastern spice mix), which were still steaming when the plate was served. The asparagus was beautifully soft and brought to life by the dill yoghurt and avocado. I haven’t jumped on board the quinoa bandwagon, but the quinoa tabouleh provided a great contrast of textures, complemented by the fresh kale. But the highlight of the dish had to be the almonds. Yep, nothing more than incredibly good quality, flavoursome almonds, which served simply on the kale showcased what the wholefood philosophy can do in the taste department.  There might just be something to this trend after all.

Local Press, 128 Trevellian Quay, Kingston ACT     http://www.localpresscafe.com.au/

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Eighty Twenty

Eighty Twenty Canberra

Another new Canberra breakfast place – I can’t quite keep up! We went to Eighty Twenty (which is named for the balance of healthy foods vs treats you’re meant to have in your diet… oops!) for a pre-work breakfast. Despite being new on the block, the cafe was buzzing by the time our food came out. Two of us couldn’t go past the sweet potato rosti, with pesto, poached egg and cherry tomatoes (which I wouldn’t recommend sticking your fork into… Lesson learned). It turned out to be a good choice – the rosti is soft (clearly not fried) and the pesto tastes fresh and very basily.  The egg was perfectly poached and the portion size was just right for breakfast. I also had the ‘Glow Pro’ smoothie (rejoice, dairy-free smoothies are a thing here!) with raspberry, blueberry, acai and coconut flesh. It was light, refreshing and a great match for the meal. As the weather warms up  the outdoor seating is definitely going to be popular. I’ll be back to try the dukkah spiced eggs and possibly the lunch menu… And some more smoothies.

Eighty Twenty, 18 Lonsdale St Braddon, ACT, no website

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